We have a large group of Young Adults and Teens that enjoy being of service to others.  We collected and delivered a truck load of water then a bus loaded with water to Central Avenue Church of Christ in Flint Michigan during their water crisis.

We have organized a "Stay Warm" day February 17, 2018.  The congregation has collected blankets to give away to anyone in need in our community.  We will serve a chili lunch and give them a warm blanket.  If any blankets are left over, we will donate them to the Community Action House who helps the needy and the homeless (but they normally run out of blankets in February).

Each year in September we take a group to Valparaiso Indiana to the Shults Lewis Children's Home to prepare hamburgers for their Annual Day, then donate the money back to the Children's Home.

We have a yearly Vacation Bible School conducted by our congregation with the help of a sister congregation.  VBS brings many unchurched children in to learn about the Love of God.  We have children who come to VBS at the age of 3 and keep coming after they are teenagers!  Our VBS continues to grow year after year and this is something the entire congregation is involved with.  The dates of our VBS 2018 are July 16-19.  We are looking again to have a great evangelistic VBS helping our community learn about Christ and His Love for all.

Our youth and adults also serve Beechwood Hills Christian Youth Camp as campers, counselors in training, counselors and many other ways.

We hold an Annual Youth Conference each year for ages 10 and up and is held in October with special youth speakers and a song leader from East Michigan and for the past two years Brother Evan Ripley has been in attendance to do a live "Jesus" painting.  All who attend have a great inspiring time!